Vaccination reviews

Greg’s book is great reading, an inspiration and a great eye opener.
Dr Viera Scheibner Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist (Retired) and author

A must for all concerned parents and health workers.
Insight Magazine

Greg has condensed decades of medical research into an easy to read book for parents. It should be read by all parents and health workers.
Meryl Dorey – Founder, Australian Vaccination Network Inc.

Beattie presents a balanced, rational analysis of the statistics associated with vaccination for whooping cough, measles, polio and other diseases and recommends that the proven dangers must be considered by all parents.
Nexus Magazine

Highly recommended reading… a must to leave with your family doctor, inquiring friends and fearful relatives…. presents a formidable volume of very readable statistics, stories and history…. a fascinating insight into the often blind ignorance of our ‘experts’ and the status quo on vaccination”
ANGELS Holistic Birth and Parenting Newsletter

Thoroughly researched, up-to-date and easy and quick to read, showing why more and more parents are turning away from vaccination and choosing to raise their babies naturally. It focuses primarily on the evidence, published in orthodox medical research, for the ineffectiveness of vaccines.

An easy-to-read account of one parent’s attempts to get behind the official propaganda and discover the truth about vaccination and vaccines. Greg is careful to give both sides of the story, and not to blame doctors, but concludes that mass vaccination has little scientific basis.
One of the clearest introductions to the subject we have read.

Editor – Green Health Watch Magazine

Challenging the council’s decision, Beattie took his case to the Human Rights Commission in Brisbane. Despite his own rigorous cross-examination of the Council’s “expert” witnesses, and evidence presented by notable researcher Viera Scheibner, Ph.D, the commissioner found against him in a decision that smacks of a lack of grasp of the facts, a travesty of administrative justice or a set-up. Greg Beattie’s book is in part a record of his test case but more so it is an exploration of the alleged benefits of vaccination which, when the literature is carefully examined, amount to very few. Beattie presents a rational, balanced analysis of the statistics associated with vaccination for Whooping Cough, measles, polio and other diseases and recommends that the proven dangers must be considered by all parents.

Simple book giving the most important facts in a straightforward manner.
Most shocking reading. Among other things of how some innocent children die after vaccinations. References in the book are only to established literature like respected refereed medical journals. How the author started doing private investigations after discovering startling facts. How the authorities are manipulating the truth. How almost every book printed about vaccinations are against vaccinations. How almost every brochure about vaccinations are for vaccinations. How the authorities stop the truth from coming out.
Definition of polio changed after introduction of polio vaccination in each country to show how “successful” vaccinations are.
Lots of diagrams showing how diseases like diphtheria, smallpox, measles are on its way down before the vaccinations began… Lots of statistics about how the vaccinations in reality creates diseases and does not protect at all. Some ingredients are poisonous like Mercury etc…
This is just of one of many books you will not believe in until you have read it.